I lost my wallet or purse, now what?

Have you ever lost your purse or lost your wallet? Losing your purse or wallet is stressful and costs money to get the contents replaced. Keeping an updated, digital record of your wallet’s contents will save you time and money if you ever lose your purse or lose your wallet.

Recently, I went to reach for my wallet and it wasn’t there – I panicked! I lost my wallet! I racked my brain to think of every place I went between work and lunch, when I last had my wallet in my hand. First, I went online and cancelled my bank debit card and placed calls to my credit card companies to stop the cards. Then, I made a list of every place I went, and called them all the next day. No one had my wallet.

Then, I made a list of the contents of my wallet and I remembered the main items: my Driver’s License, bank cards, credit cards, other id’s; but, I knew I wasn’t recalling every item. Calling all those businesses and getting new cards cost me money, $47 to be exact – and that was only for two cards. Fortunately, a few days later, I went by the metro bus office lost-and-found to see if my wallet was turned in, and it was!

When I got my wallet back, I was so relieved. I was fortunate someone honest turned in my wallet. When I went back through the list of items lost, I missed several important items. I forgot about loyalty cards, important IDs, and an access key card. Knowing exactly which cards to which accounts are in your wallet, and who you need to contact in the event you do lose your wallet, will save you time, money, and stress.

Now, I use Plan My affairs to keep an updated, digital list of the contents of my wallet, the bank phone numbers, and other important information. If I lose my wallet again, I don’t have to panic about what I lost. Keeping an updated digital record of my wallet contents in Plan My Affairs is simple, secure, and easy. Plus, it gives me peace of mind that I have a complete, up-to-date digital record of my wallet’s contents.

Have you ever lost your wallet or your purse? Remember the anxiety you felt, the unsettled feeling of not knowing if you remembered everything you had when you started calling credit card companies, banks and other business, to report them lost.

Plan My Affairs provides you a safe, secure repository for the information from your wallet and purse, and provides that same repository for all of your financial information, personal property and key contacts. Take the worry and anxiety out of your life. Get started with Plan My Affairs today. Your wallet and purse is a great place to start.

Start planning today – sign up for free and use the In My Wallet Checklist for free. Rest easy knowing if you lose your wallet or purse, you can easily cancel your credit cards and replaced lost items by keeping an updated digital inventory of everything that is important to you with Plan My Affairs.

In My Wallet Checklist – Plan My Affairs

Use Plan My Affairs Free for the first 30 days! The best way to understand how easy Plan My Affairs is to use, is to use it.

Step 1: Gather some, or all, of the information below. (Have Company Name, Contact, Phone & Email Address available.)
Step 2: Sign Up for Plan My Affair on the homepage of the website.
Step 3: a. Click on “Personal Property”, b. Click on “In My Wallet”.
Step 4: a. Click on “+add Now”… Enter the information you have gathered in the card (label the card & add your personalized notes).
b. Suggestions: In the “Notes” section of the card, enter such things as last 4 digits of account, policy, license, loan, etc. numbers or the location of paper documents. Never enter passwords, full account, policy, license numbers, dates of birth, social security numbers, etc.
c. Click on “+ Add” (bottom) – this will save your entry.
Step 5: Check items off as you enter them.

Explore Plan My Affairs. It is easy to enter everything you have. Use our other checklists to guide you.

In My Wallet Checklist – Plan My Affairs

√ AAA Roadside Service Card

√ Business Cards

√ Credit Card(s)

√ Dental Card

√ Driver’s License

√ ID cards for work, school, gym

√ Key Cards

√ Medical Cards

√Loyalty cards and club cards


I lost my wallet or purse, now what?

lost wallet, dropped wallet

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