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Funeral Planning Checklist: What You Need

Funeral Planning

Preparing important details for your funeral in advance is an excellent final way to say, “I love you,” to those closest to you. None of us knows exactly when our lives will be complete, which is why it’s essential to be thorough in our funeral preparations. The more you can prepare for your passing ahead of time, the easier it will be for your loved ones to focus on remembering your life in peace. Plan My Affairs can help organize and secure all of your funeral planning details through your Plan My Affairs Organizer.

Funeral Planning Checklist

Use the following funeral planning checklist to ensure your loved ones have your final wishes and are aware of all the details needed you’d want them to have to help prepare for your passing. We highly recommend sharing your funeral planning details with someone close to you so they are aware of your last wishes.

Funeral Preparations

  • Order and responsibility for sharing news of your passing
  • Obituary details, including details of surviving family members
  • Charity for any donations
  • Choice of funeral home or cremation service

Burial Services

  • Burial choice – would you prefer to be buried or cremated?
  • Burial container – would you prefer to be in a casket or a cremation container?
  • Service style and location
  • Service order and components, including music, mementos, video compilation, and selected readings
  • Memorial: would you prefer a family-only viewing or a public visitation?
  • Floral arrangement(s)
  • Display photograph
  • Memorial register or remembrance markers


  • Hearse
  • Clergy transportation
  • Family member transportation
  • Pallbearer transportation
  • Flower transportation


  • Officiant
  • Musicians
  • Pallbearers
  • Eulogy presenter
  • Assigned reader of selections

Final Resting Place

  • Burial Location
  • Obtain a burial or cremation plot
  • Choose a memorial or grave marker with selected inscription

Take the time to contact and secure details from every entity involved. While none of us know the time or nature of our passing, we can certainly alleviate much of the confusion for loved ones with a well-documented plan.

Plan My Affairs provides the most user-friendly and safest personal organization system available today. We help you in organizing your financial affairs, personal property details, and final wishes in your funeral preparations. In only a few short hours, you can have essential details securely stored through your Plan My Affairs Organizer. You can also schedule a time for each part of your plan to be shared with family members, friends, and trusted advisors.


Download Your Personal Planning Checklist. This checklist will outline some of the many elements you should consider in your Plan My Affairs Plan.