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Moving Parents to a Retirement Community

Retirement Planning and Moving Parents into a Retirement home

I remember the day that my folks and I made the decision it was time to consider a retirement home.  My dad fell for the fifth time and my mom was very upset no one was available to help them, for about an hour.  My dad considered the assisted living costs. He planned well for retirement, but I admit that his planning – based on the average cost of retirement –  did not prepare us for in-home care costs or retirement home costs we now faced. Make a Plan While You Still Can – here are some tips for planning for retirement and beyond. “Most of us think about retirement as the last big plan we’ll ever have to make. But there’s one more thing that’s perhaps even more important. You need a plan to protect yourself against the risk of making poor decisions in your older age. Like it or not, we aren’t as sharp at 80 as we were at 60, even when we think we’re fine.”

The decision to move my parents into a retirement home required my brother, sister, and I to consider assisted living costs and our ability to assist our folks. I imagine your family is like ours. If you need help, you are prepared to help. We were fortunate enough to make these arrangements work for our parents.

This important life decision led us to sell our parents’ home.  As we went through the house, we longed to know the stories behind the memories, the antique furniture, and antique collectibles. Did these items belong to our grandparents or great-grandparents?  A flood of memories came back as we looked around our parents’ home. For our family, this was the perfect time to document the memories; identify and document the location of important paperwork and information. Locating family picture albums, car titles, mom and dad’s will, paid insurance policies, and more – these became important things to document. Plan My Affairs makes this process easy and quick. Plan My Affairs is a simple, safe repository to ensure you capture family information, the location of important documents, and photos, personal inventory, financial accounts, contacts.

Document and plan family affairs in less than one hour with Plan My Affairs.  Take the time to organize and preserve the important items your parents worked so hard to earn. Our planning checklists make it easy to plan your family affairs. Take a look at Plan My Affairs.

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